Bringing you ‘FREEDOM’ from whatever stops you from living.

At Mind Matters Hypnotherapy MK we believe that everyone is different so each client can expect an individually prepared therapy plan using a combination of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT and Coaching specifically designed to suit you and what you hope to achieve, rather than a “one size fits all” type of approach.
Hypnotherapy Milton Keynes

Through clinical Hypnosis, positive change can be easily, quickly and permanently achieved and at Mind Matters Hypnotherapy we can help you overcome the barriers that are stopping you living the life you want.

Do you have high blood pressure?
Is pain an everyday, limiting part of your life?
Are you pregnant and want to have a safe, calm and comfortable birth?
Are you going through fertility treatment and need some extra support?
Do you have a phobia which rules your life?
Would you like to look forward to your holiday instead of worrying about the flight?
Do you take the bus because you’re too anxious to pass your driving test?
Do you lack confidence or suffer from low self esteem?
Does the pain or embarassment of IBS taint your day?
Does anxiety stop you from doing the things you want to do?
Are you paralysed with fear when visiting the dentist?
Do you shrink at the thought of speaking in public?
Do you have a habit you would like to free yourself of?
Does insomnia leave you too tired to function properly?
Does addiction rule elements of your life?
Are you unable to relax enough to concieve?
Are you afraid to leave the home or be in a crowd?
Do you suffer from sexual nervousness, erectile dysfunction or any other related issue?

If you can say YES to any of these questions, then Hypnotherapy may be for you.

Linda Wardlaw of Mind Matters Hypnotherapy works from a home therapy room in Blakelands, and also rooms at the Hypnolife Hypnotherapy Clinic in Bletchley, De Vere Venues Harben in Newport Pagnell and also Newport Pagnell Medical Centre.

Linda is professionally trained to deal with all areas of Hypnotherapy but has had specialist in-depth training in Hypnobirthing, Trauma resolution, Birth Trauma, Fertility, IBS, Anxiety, Hypertension and Stress Awareness & Stress Management.