Our 5 Top Fears

Five of Our Most Common Anxieties

All of us endure some level of fear. This does not matter your geographical area, your age, your colour or creed fear is a component of the human experience, it is a component of our make-up. Our life would be much smaller without the beneficial effects of fear. This is since the purpose of fear is to keep us safe when we are faced with a dangerous circumstance.

Fear by itself is a normal emotion, but every now and then it can impact us in a way that hinders our progress and stops us enjoying life as we should, which is when it is time for us to act. Fear is a natural response to any situation that has a substantial component of danger. The fear reaction alerts us to likely danger in our surroundings.

In our society, there are five fears that are prevalent.


This is the fear of not being here or dying. We are born survivors, so it is totally natural that we would fear annihilation. When we suddenly face a dangerous scenario our heart rate will probably instantly go up because our body is being prepared to do anything it can to remove itself from the peril.

Being Maimed

We possess this fear so as to keep our body as perfect and healthy as we can. Our body is important to us and we require it in its best form to survive. So when we are petrified of animals and insects like bees, spiders and even things like sharks and crabs it is this fear that is in play.

Loss of Control

This is the fear of loss of control. This is generally induced by the feeling that we have no control either over ourselves, our environment or the situations we find ourselves in.


This fear is about feeling disconnected from our society or an individual. It is a fear of being separated from something which we believe is critical to our self-worth. It is this fear that is the root of numerous social phobias that abound today.

Decrease of Status

Being degraded or humiliated can quickly induce this fear. Once we begin to disapprove of ourselves either through decreased self-worth or loss of confidence, this fear will generally be brought on.

Everybody is susceptible to these five fears; they are built into us to help us survive. Somewhere deep inside you they sit and wait to provide help if they’re necessary.

If you believe you are experiencing fear or anxiety that troubles you considerably more than it should, it is time for you to take action and reclaim your life. The beneficial objective of these fears is to keep us safe and help us to interact appropriately with others.

If you are turning into or have become an anxious individual at inappropriate times, perhaps you could use some specialist help. Hypnotherapy can be a fantastic help when it comes to getting rid of the reasons behind unnecessary fear. Most people will try for a great number of years to tackle these anxieties consciously but a deep rooted ‘fear of the fear’ will probably often need to be resolved at the subconscious level which is within the realm of a skilled hypnotherapist.

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