How a hypnotic approach builds confidence

How hypnosis builds confidence

As a community, we are becoming increasingly isolated as we communicate progressively more through personal computers and less and less via personal communications. It is all too easy for people to become isolated from society and as a hypnotherapist I am seeing progressively more evidence of this.

As we interact less in actual face to face social interactions we start to lose a lot of our most valuable communication skills and, when it comes to younger people, most likely are not gathering the skills to start with. Programmes like Skype and Facetime help as we can get some of the visual cues but it is simply not the same as being there with the individual.

Therefore, if we are losing these good communication skills and we are not cultivating new ones, where will it end? Someone without these skills can feel really remote and is not really prepared to meet the needs of a social occasion; things like celebrations, seminars and weddings turn into a real obstacle.

Social anxiety has been in existence for decades, nevertheless, these new electronic factors are making things even worse.

A large proportion of clients I see want additional confidence in conditions where they could become the main attraction. Clients are generally worried that they could look silly and humiliate themselves while in front of people and be judged in a negative way. As a rule, their solution is to stay away from the spotlight and thereby ensure that they do not become the centre of attention.

By utilising hypnosis I will help the person solve this sort of issue very easily. We can assist people to feel more assured but that isn’t the whole story. That is because it only solves the issue briefly and would be like putting a band-aid on a shattered leg. Would you instead prefer to do something about the reason that you have the problem in the first place?

It’s all very well to find fault with our current society, but by and large a shortage of self-confidence has its origins in past conditioning from critical parents or partners, intimidation or being made fun of at school. By coping with these past events we are able to prepare the client for a successful change in the way they truly feel. When these past situations have been handled, we have a firm base on which to establish new levels of self confidence. This being done, the hypnotherapist can start to cultivate the client’s self-confidence. Having achieved this we have to advance to the last portion of the treatment.

Hypnotherapy has its limits and it is only part of the treatment plan.

As a hypnotherapist, part of this treatment is to assist the individual to enter more social circumstances to help them develop their confidence in a natural way. As the person develops these new social connections, the hypnotherapist will assist them to feel much more assured in those conditions. Joining a club or going to an evening class can be all that is required – as long as there is a good level of social interaction. The important aspect is to stay open and reactive to others within the room.

The hypnotherapist will be helping the individual remain constructive and self-confident throughout. This allows them to steadily build their confidence on the solid blocks that we have already prepared. This is really the only way to create permanent change in levels of self confidence.

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