About me

Hypnotherapy Milton Keynes

Linda Wardlaw DipHPsych HPD MNCH(Reg)

Linda Wardlaw is passionate about hypnotherapy and the positive outcomes which can be achieved by accessing the subconscious mind. All hypnosis is in actual fact, ‘self-hypnosis’, and as a motivated client Linda can guide and teach you to access the subconscious mind to take control and make the desired changes to improve your life and empower you to overcome the barriers that are stopping you living the life you want.

Initially studying Hypnotherapy, Pshychotherapy, NLP and Stress Management with the ‘Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis’ Linda gained her DipHPsych, DipNLP and CertSM qualifications and subsequently an HPD (the only externally validated qualification in Hypnotherapy currently available in the UK) with the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

Linda has completed further intensive specialist training in Hypnobirthing (the Mongan Method and The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme), Fertility (The Fertile Body Method), and Hypertension (Hypnotension). She has also trained with Michael Mahoney in IBS and Stress Awareness & Management and is a member of the IBS register.

Although specialising in certain areas, Linda is fully trained to work with any issues that are impacting your life and she always treats each client as unique individuals, specifically tailoring each session to you and what you want to achieve, bringing you freedom from whatever stops you from living the life you wish to lead.

Linda has risen to a level of expertise that attracts clients not just from the Milton Keynes area but nationally, along with referrals from the medical profession.  It is also possible to work with Linda using SKYPE which has proved to be very successful.

Linda is fully insured and is a registered member of the ‘National Council for Hypnotherapy’ (NCH), and the IBS register so is bound by their codes of ethics. You can be assured of a professional and ethical course of treatment.

NCH Member ID: 4241