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“I was recommended to Linda by my GP after reaching a particular difficult time in my life and was feeling very stuck and lost.  I went along with an open mind not really knowing what to expect and have just finished a course of seven sessions and can truly say that I have found myself again and feel like a different woman to the one that first walked through the door two months ago.  I can’t thank Linda enough for helping me start to live my live again.  It really feels like a new start and I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate it.” (J R-J)

“Linda is a highly qualified caring person who went out of her way to assist our daughter when she was struggling with panic attacks in her first few weeks at university.  She helped calm her thoughts which enabled her to think more clearly and move forward with her studies and university social life.  Linda also provided some very useful tools for her to take away to read and to listen to.   We are very proud of the way our daughter is now dealing with the many and varied situations she is experiencing; there is still a long way to go but she is not now afraid to ask for the support she needs.  We are very grateful to Linda for her part in our daughter’s growing confidence.”   (Bletchley family 2014)

“Thank you for giving me my life back” (JJ)

“I made an enquiry with Linda about hypnotherapy for anxiety and IBS, she was able to competently answer all my questions and booked me in for an initial appointment at a convenient time. I was very nervous before my first session however Linda was very welcoming and understanding. After my initial assessment, Linda advised me on the next steps. Throughout my hypnotherapy sessions Linda was very open and honest, she listened to me and made me feel at ease despite being there for uncomfortable reasons. After completing my hypnotherapy sessions I am now enjoying life without worrying about the symptoms of IBS. My goal I wanted to achieve was to reduce my anxiety and symptoms of IBS before my upcoming wedding, I am now confident I will be able to achieve this by using the techniques practiced throughout the sessions in addition to using the recorded sessions provided by Linda. I highly recommend Linda for her professional, friendly and honest work in hypnotherapy.”   (Rachael)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done to help my daughter through your hypnotherapy sessions.  **** was suffering frequent panic attacks brought on by school phobia which increased her anxiety levels. This lead to her being isolated into a smaller classroom environment as she also could not cope with loud noise levels. During the hypnotherapy sessions with you she has been taught relaxation techniques that have helped her greatly with sleeping as well as reducing the level of anxiety. Your counselling has also helped her understand how to control her anxieties and through practice she has developed a new found confidence which is a wonderful thing to see and so far away from when she first began her sessions with you. They are like two different people by comparison and she is now a young lady enjoying her student life at college, which is how it should be, but amazing none the less.  I bless that day that I noticed the advert in my local  “Shenley News” directory that supplied a brief appraisal of your previous work in mental health but now diversifying into hypnotherapy and so glad that I made that telephone call for the first appointment. I would have no problem in recommending you to any future clients with these issues. I have supplied my number in case anyone wishes to have a brief chat.  Many thanks and kind regards from” (Mary)

It has been a few weeks now since my last session with you and before writing to thank you I wanted time to reflect on what a difference you have made, also as I was very sceptical when I first came to see you (although I never told you this ) I think I also wanted to see if the changes you have helped me make would fade and I would return to where I was.
That first time I saw you I did not know what to expect and meeting such a lovely lady who has changed my life was not what I expected but this is what happened. If I had been told by someone before seeing you that hypnosis could change your life I would have been very sceptical and thought it was a sales pitch., but for me that is exactly what you have done.
My phobia of snakes is actually getting better and better each day and not only have I been able to go to a reptile house with my granddaughter but I can now watch nature programmes on TV without hiding behind a cushion and putting my fingers in my ears if a snake comes on.  Considering I have had a phobia of snakes since the age of 7 now at the age of 50 it is so good to now be able to watch the nature programmes I love visually instead of just orally.
However the biggest shock to me has been the change in me, for the first time in my life I don’t feel unworthy of love, I have put to bed the feelings of rejection I have had since childhood , I am more relaxed with life and more accepting of the love my husband, child and grandchildren have for me and ready to enjoy the next 50years being loved and loving life more than I ever have.
If anyone is reading this as I am giving you permission to share I know you are thinking for goodness sake, how over melodramatic and what a lot of nonsense but believe me when I say I was you but did not know who else could help with my phobia, then I met you Linda and you have given me so much more than being able to take my granddaughter in the reptile house you have given me love and contentment and a life to be treasured.  Thank you so much. 

DW Milton Keynes


Testimonials — 5 Comments

  1. I had just come out of hospital after being blue lighted by ambulance into hospital for a week. Linda visited me at home and worked her magic on me. I haven’t had any need to use my spray under my tongue or be breathless at all. Linda is the very best hypnotherapist anywhere and anyone I have seen previously. Whatever your problem may be Linda puts you at ease and before you know it, all your worries are behind you. I cannot recommend Linda highly enough, go on, give her a try and you won’t go far wrong that is a fact.

    • Thank you Beverley, it was my pleasure to help you and to see your health improve so much over the following weeks. Keep the improvement going 🙂

  2. My sessions with Linda were an important step in helping me manage feelings of anxiety and fear that were impacting my life in a negative way. I felt wonderful after the sessions, but more importantly, have been able to learn and use the tools she gave me. I can honestly say that her therapy has changed the way I view and experience life. Thank you Linda

  3. Over 6 sessions, put quite simply, Linda has changed the way I think, act and behave. I quickly realised that I had very low self-esteem and self-confidence, that I just wasn’t enough and I couldn’t see how it would ever be possible to move on and feel excited about my future.
    I wouldn’t be the person I am now without Linda’s guidance and sessions. To say she has changed my life may sound quite dramatic, but it’s true. I am a happier person, mummy and even business women and I have drive and motivation to start my business now.
    I’m a work in progress for sure but I have the confidence to actually live my life now rather than just managing, coping and getting through each day.
    Linda, thank you for giving me back my sparkle for all (including me) to see and for showing me how to believe in myself.

  4. Put simply, Linda has enabled me to start believing in myself. With such low self-esteem and confidence, I didn’t believe that I deserved to be happy or to have any of the good things in my life. I felt broken and completely disconnected from my life. Through our sessions, I felt supported and lifted up and over time and with complete honestly on my part, I grew as a person.
    I didn’t quite realise the impact that Linda had on my life until I was waiting to go on stage to speak at a TEDx event all about self care and yoga. I was on cloud 9 and completely connected to what I was doing, I then flew to Barcelona and back to run a marathon. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could do such things. I was exhausted but full of ideas and I had that knowing feeling that I deserved to smile, be happy, have a new home, take my girls on holiday… I’m thankful to linda everyday.

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